Quincy Great PyreneesRecently I adopted Quincey, a young Great Pyrenees who had been hit by a car a few months back. His spine was obviously crooked and he put little weight on his back legs. He kind of hobbled along as if this were normal.

Seeing Dr. John Faherty was on my list of important things to do for Quincey after giving him some time to adjust to our family. I remembered how Dr John helped my lab, Jody, some 10+ years ago with his hip problems.

Dr. John went out of his way to contact me by email and voicemail and talked with me over a weekend in order to hear what we needed, determine urgency and to make an appointment for the following week. He offered a time at a few different locations in order to accommodate our needs.

Dr. John was so good with Quincey who was understandably fearful of people and cars. After getting to know Quincey a bit and examining his walk, Dr. John started his adjustments and keeping me involved by showing me the areas that needed work. Since I am such a visual, hands on person, I really appreciated being able to understand the process. Dr. John helped me relate to what I was feeling and seeing with Quincey to my own body’s stiff or injured areas. Dr. John also suggested some physical therapy that I can do with Quincey as well as the use of PEMF. This involves some cost and ongoing work but I hope give it a try.

There were also some unexpected results from Quincey’s visit to Dr. John. On the ride home, I noticed that Quincey was much more relaxed.  In the next couple of days I noticed that he appeared to be moving easier and putting some weight on his back legs. The surprising thing was that Quincey seemed to be more social.  He stayed closer to me and the other animals than usual. My take: he just plain felt better after seeing Dr. John. Because I know that chiropractic care is a must for me personally, I am not surprised by how much relief Quincey might be feeling.

I would recommend Dr. John Faherty to anyone who has an animal who needs care because of an accident or just routine health maintenance. I understand that Dr. John also works on horses and larger animals too. What a wonderful contribution he is making to the care of sick or injured animals and people in our community!! Nice to know that he cares so much about us and our four-legged friends! Thank YOU Dr. John Faherty!

horseheadsmallLightfoot and Brandy, quarter horses: “Increased ROM in shoulders, hips and pasterns.”

Shay, a standard Poodle: “To put it bluntly, I was amazed. Shay was immediately better after her adjustment and continued to improve throughout the week… I can’t say enough good things about the care Shay received…”

Trevor and Riggs, canines: “With maintenance my dogs maintain flexibility, correct alignment for long term stability, and are comfortable as they age…Dr Faherty is very gentle and knowledgeable. My dogs trust him, and that is my biggest endorsement.”

Molly, a lab mix: “Molly is 13 years old. She suffered a torn ligament and had surgery last May. She also has arthritis in her hips. Molly is doing very well. She now walks evenly and looks balanced. She is able to take long walks without showing signs of limping or soreness.”

Ginger, a boxer mix: “Ginger has hip dysplasia and had a femoral head ostectomy nearly a year ago. Had shown signs of discomfort for several years. She has improved immensely….Dr Faherty’s care has made a huge difference in the well being of my dogs.”

Zoe, a mixed breed: “Over the past few years, I have taken my beloved pooch, Zoe, to Dr. John on a few occasions for adjustments when she began limping or showing physical immobility of any kind. Each time John has been amazingly kind, gentle and nurturing. He is skillful, clear and educates me how to provide further care for her myself. After the sessions, Zoe licks me (she does not usually lick) and it seems clear she is thanking me. Dr. John is the best!

I have sought out Dr. Faherty for my own chiropractic needs. I have taken my husband and kids to him as well. He is highly skilled, thoughtful, respectful, kind, warm, wise, smart and altogether, a good egg. I highly recommend him!”

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