Animal Movement

Animal chiropractic care is a holistic approach to movement and health problems.

Animal Movement, Animal Chiropractic

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Animal Chiropractic is a holistic approach to movement and health problems.

It does not replace veterinary care. It does complement it. It dramatically improves musculoskeletal problems.

Dr. Faherty provides chiropractic care for dogs during agility trials in North Carolina. Contact him at to find out which upcoming trials he will be attending.

Horse Sense of the Carolinas

Marshall, NC: It’s Spring!  Horse Sense of the Carolinas is celebrating the warmer weather with its Quarterly Open House at the farm located five miles west of Marshall at 7014 Meadows Town Road on Saturday, March 23, 2024, from 11am to Noon.  

It’s a free event at the outside arena on the farm to learn more about equine assisted psychotherapy where certified therapists, equine professionals, and horses reach out to veterans, first responders, children and youth at risk, and other survivors of trauma. 

There will be information on future events and projects from Heart of Horse Sense, the program’s partnering non-profit organization that raises funds through grants and donations that provide low cost and complimentary therapy for individuals so they can concentrate on healing and rebuilding their lives. They also train, educate, and fund qualified equine programs in western North Carolina.

It’s an easy 19-mile drive from Asheville via New Leicester Hwy, or from Weaverville through the town of Marshall.  Driving directions are posted on the website at Horse Sense of the Carolinas: 

Volunteers will welcome guests at the farm entrance, directing cars up the driveway.  Look for the cowboy on horseback guiding folks where to park adjacent to the outdoor arena.  There’s a grassy area for viewing the horse demonstration and ample space to bring lawn or camp chairs for comfort.  The farm gate will be open by 10:30am to arrive and get settled before the program begins. Download News release

For more information, please contact Cappy Tosetti, Marketing & Communications Director at Heart of Horse Sense.  828 707-7203.  

What do horses think?

Hear what Dr Temple Grandin has to say about horses.

Adorable baby goat gets first-ever chiropractic adjustment

Now 5 days old and first adjustment
Mama too …helps the milk flow

Now seeing dogs at Waghab

Asheville’s premier canine rehab center

WagHab - Aquatic Exercise for Dogs

For more information visit


An Aquatic and Exercise Gym For Dogs

For chiropractic appointments at WAGHAB

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Dr. John Faherty

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