Animal chiropractic care is a holistic approach to movement and health problems.

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Adorable baby goat gets first-ever chiropractic adjustment

Now 5 days old and first adjustment
Mama too …helps the milk flow

Now seeing dogs at Waghab

Asheville’s premier canine rehab center

WagHab - Aquatic Exercise for Dogs

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An Aquatic and Exercise Gym For Dogs

For chiropractic appointments at WAGHAB

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Dr. John Faherty

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Animal Chiropractor In The Carolina Moment

Dr John Farherty adjusting a horse

Watch and listen while Dr. John shows about animal chiropractic in The Carolina Moment

Check out this feature

Beautiful Video!

A colleague put together this video…mostly geared toward equine performance and speaks about the importance of normal motion for the animal and person.

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